I am Adebayo Bamitale. I am particularly happy to have you seeing the world through my eyes.  Life, someone once said, is a unique journey; a journey that one carves as one lives and works. A journey not shared with anyone else, because no-one else can see, experience, think, feel and intuit, exactly the same way as you do;  no one can feel the pains and pleasures of living exactly as you feel it.

Ade View

Ade’s World View

Therefore your world is unique; no two lives are exactly the same.  As a result of this uniqueness, we are each enriched more and more as we learn to see the world through the eyes of others.  This is why biographies, especially autobiographies, are important literary works – creative works that enrich the society both in its preparation and in its consumption. That is to say, the one who writes his biography, and the one who reads are both enriched by the process.

Ade at Chess

Ade at Chess Competition

I have learnt to accept the uniqueness of life, experience, and living, with all its implications. On this website, I give you a brief peek into my life as I share my thoughts and ideas, tweets, and writings. I hope that the writings on this site, some of which have been previously published, will enrich you as they have enriched me.

Please feel free to leave a comment. If you feel particularly strongly about any aspects of the writings or projects that I present on this site, you are also free to get in touch with me.  You can also like my page, retweet my tweets, and link to resources that you find valuable.